Google+ Adds Popular Posts, Ripples and Photo Editing

Google is adding some great new features to Google+. The hot news or popular posts is like a trending topics. It will make it easier to find new popular information. Ripples is a feature that came from Wave. It gives analytics on a posts and how it spread. Last new feature is photo editing. It’s not just basics and Google is calling it Creative Kit. It allows you to have fun with your photos. Below are the three videos that better describe the new features. You can also read about them on the Google blog.

Popular Posts:


Photo Editing:

DirecTV iPad App Now Streams Live TV

The already awesome DirecTV iPad app got even better buy streaming live TV. It only works in your house, like the whole-home DVR. Not every station allows for streaming. There is a list of around 30 stations. The funny thing is Fox is on the list but DirecTV might lose Fox soon if they can’t reach a deal.

One of the cool features is you can swipe up the live show playing on your iPad to send it to your TV. I’m still playing around with it but I’ll get a full review of the app soon.

More at DirecTV.

Video: New DirecTV HD UI

As a DirecTV customer I have been waiting for the HD UI to be released. I have three HD-DVRs with multi-room viewing. Updating the UI and speed of the menues will make it a better setup. It is rumored that it will be available starting November 1st. DirecTV has a page up about all the new features and I have listed some below.

* A sleek new look and feel
* Lightning fast scrolling
* 1080p HD resolution
* Visual browsing experience
* One place for all DIRECTV CINEMAâ„¢ and On Demand movies
* Recommendations based on your past viewing preferences

Video of the UI below:

Dave Zatz posted about this and asked the question about the DirecTV Tivo. DirecTV should scrap the whole thing. There is nothing that Tivo is going to offer that we already don’t have, especially since DirecTV has been pumping out new features for their current receiver lineup.

Video: Windows 8 Features

Microsoft announced Windows 8 yesterday and shared a lot of the details about the new OS. Lifehacker was nice enough to take that keynote and make it eight minutes long with just the stuff you want to hear about. I have embedded the video below. Windows 8 definitely has some very cool features.

Video: Windows 8 Redesigned for Touch and PC Interfaces

I can say that I’m truly impressed with the Windows 8 interface. I have embedded the video preview below. It’s a very elegant way to mix a touch interface with traditional PC interface. It’s a shame that we’ll have to wait another year for it to be available. The touch apps will be built with javascript and html5 and will work directly with traditional apps. You can read more about the features at CrunchGear.

Deal: Drobo Offering Discounts for Memorial Day

I have been following Drobo pricing because I want to get one to replace my Windows Home Server. Today I get an email from them with some of the best pricing I have seen. The Drobo 4-bay is $50 to $60 cheaper than you can find elsewhere online. But if you buy during this special you get a chance to double your order. They say you have a one-in-four chance of having your order doubled. Some of the other models also have good pricing on them. I’m a little disappointed that I don’t think I can take advantage of it now but I wanted to share for the people that are in the market.

Lowest price ever on these Drobos (after promo code):

* Drobo (4-bay USB / Firewire): $298
* Drobo FS (5-bay Gigabit Ethernet File Sharing): $598
* Drobo S (5-bay eSATA / USB / Firewire): $698
* Drobo Pro (8-bay iSCSI / USB / Firewire): $1398

Use promo code DOUBLEDROBO on their online store.

What is a Drobo? Click Here to Find Out